The quality is secured by the people in the chain of value

Our staff is our most important resource. High competence and commitment characterize the people who every day of the year work to ensure that fish from Sekkingstad is of the best quality possible.

The fishfarmer

Eide Fjordbruk is one of our regular fishfarmers. Together with the farmers we continuously work to improve quality. Our systems and routines provide the fishfarmer with comprehensive reports on quality on every fish harvested.

The wellboat

Wellboats are daily transporting live fish to H112. Loading, transport and unloading is stressful to the fish. It is very important that the crew onboard are competent and have good routines to secure both animal welfare and high quality.

The production

Staff competence, dedication and good routines are essential to maintain food safety and high quality. Good working environment and security ensure stable staff and good quality both in the processes and finished products.


Production located next door to the sales department gives our sales managers first hand information on the fish they are selling. Outside the window they can view the fish alive, or they can easily go downstairs to watch the fish being processed. Being close to the product improves the quality of the sale as well!


Time is important, especially for fresh fish. Time lost is lost shelf-life. Experienced staff on our own chill and cold storage ensures full control of preparation and dispatch of the fish to our customers. Chill control and “door to door” transport ensures quality and shortest possible transport time from our factory to our customers.


At Sekkingstad we are proud that our fish is in demand and enjoyed all over the world, in first class restaurants, in supermarkets and on traditional fishmarkets. Fish from Sekkingstad is well known for its high quality and fine taste, whether it is eaten “as it is” or made into more exotic dishes.

Sekkingstad and the community

As a family business we know the importance of a good family life. The families of our employees are highly appreciated. Our neighbours and other relations too. “Open day” at the factory is a very popular event and it gives us the opportunity to show that we care.