History and innovation

Tradition and innovation, lifestyle and hard work. Konrad Sekkingstad was unaware in 1923 that the five hundred kroner he borrowed from his father would eventually turn into Sekkingstad AS, an international trading company with a turnover of more than one billion Norwegian kroner. Nor, in 1980 when the annual production of farmed fish in Norway was 7500 tonnes, did anyone envisage that Norway would become the world’s leading salmon farming nation with a staggering annual production of one million tonnes by 2010.

Historie innhold

But these examples illustrate two success stories that are both unique in the business development context in Norway. Neither Sekkingstad AS nor Norway would have succeeded in achieving a unique international position without being inventive, working very hard and having unfailing belief in their own ideas.

At Sekkingstad, it all started with Konrad and some home-made lobster creels that were meant to supplement the living made from fishing, a small farm and a little grazing land. This was a time when material prosperity, regulated working hours, fast food and lazing around on the sofa were still unheard of, a time when working from dawn to dusk was taken for granted.

Konrad was driven by his go-ahead spirit and a desire to realize his dream. He had inherited that spirit from his parents, and would later pass it on to his own children. That same spirit is still an important driving force behind Sekkingstad AS.

The history of Sekkingstad AS is about much more than dreams and hard work. Our company history is also an exciting story about local fishing success, about top international restaurants, bold initiatives and unsuccessful landing attempts, about transporting fish by motor torpedo boat to Beirut and notching up big sales in UK supermarkets, about big investments, success and about the island of Sotra and the rest of the world.